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Check out an asset’s volatility, simulate a trade before committing, and a whole lot more – the entire feature range of a full trading platform at your fingertips, quick & simple!

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All the info, all the tools

Access your asset’s daily range & volatility, trading hours & leverage, and every other piece of information you need to make an informed trade.

Live Chat

Type in any question and get an immediate response from a real team member at any time – Our support staff is a click away with our integrated live chat!

Comprehensively Compact

Flick through the market, your portfolio and more with speed and efficiency. Access over 500 assets and hundreds of technical tools without putting down your coffee.

Position Simulator

Generate a model using Trade360’s proprietary technology, and see at what point your position becomes profitable before committing your equity.

CrowdTrading – trading outlooks in the palm of your hand!

Sentiment trading is the latest vogue in financial analysis. With Trade360’s CrowdTrading technology, you’ll be able to see what your trading colleagues are doing on the platform at any given moment, and in real-time.

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New Trends

The Trend Spotting feature identifies new price trends on the platform and alerts you when one is identified.

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Surge in Positions

Ahead of an announcement, sudden surges indicate changing expectations. Stay ahead of the traders on our platform with this priceless data.

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Rapid activity

Carefully monitoring buy and sell volumes are key to understanding price action. Get notified there’s a change in volume and/or volatility.

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Trend Reversals

Trend reversals are the best place to initiate a position. The CrowdFeed algorithm will alert you the moment there’s a change in direction or strength.

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